Bushcraft Courses

All courses can be run by arrangement, some are also run on a regular basis.

1. Family & Friends Bushcraft Experience

A one day course for family and friends covering such things as shelter building, fuel and fire, camp cooking, bushcraft on a budget and cordage.

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2. Family & Friends Bushcraft Camp

A 2 day course with a night camping out for family and friends
Subjects covered include shelter building, fuel and fire, camp cooking, tools and their safety, cordage, safe water and bread making.

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3. Educational Groups

Five hours to be split between up to five groups
Content depends on group sizes but could include shelter building, fire, cordage, cooking
This will help fulfil 'Learning Outside the Classroom' requirements.

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4. Corporate, Team Building & Away Days

We can put a course together to fulfil whatever your requirements are and at a location of your choice, subject to its suitability for Bushcraft! Course content will be designed to satisfy the outcomes required, the needs of the group and the budgert available.

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5. Bushcraft Parties

A Bushcraft party is ideal for youngsters (8-16) and lasts half a day (2 ½ hours)
Topics covered might include shelter building, fire lighting, water boiling and Marshmallow toasting!

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6. Bushcraft Skills day

This is a 1 day course aimed at individuals or couples requiring intensive training in any of the Bushcraft skill areas.
With an instructor to yourself, the day is geared to the skills you wish to develop or refine

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